Monday, January 4, 2016

Desert Magic - Sand

There are plenty of books on forest, sea, and kitchen witchery. But I haven't seen many on desert magic. Spending the winter in the California Desert gives me time to examine the various types of minerals, plants, and animals that might be used in this seemingly dry, empty environment. In reality, the desert is teeming with life, and there is a lot here to learn from.
The first thing I see on a walk in the desert is sand. Sand, sand, and more sand. Everywhere I look... sand. What can a witch do with sand? 

Sand can be used for cleansing. Burying a tool or object in sand will ground the energies within it, making it clean for magical workings.
Use it to bury crystals to cleanse them,
or tools that others may have touched.

Sand can be used for protection much like salt is used. Draw your magic Circle with Sand. Draw sigils at each quarter.

You can dye sand and use it to make mandalas and other sand paintings, 
much like the Tibetans do.

Native Americans also do sand paintings, 
some for tourists, 
and others for serious religious workings:

Sand can be used to cast candles, 
and is often used in the bottom of censors or candle holders.

At Samhain and other rites, I use sand in the bottom
of my cauldron to hold the candles upright.
I also use sand in my censor
to distribute the heat of the charcoal,
so the censor doesn't break.

Sand in the Wind
Sand is composed of large amounts of silica,
which is known to store information.
Therefore, sand can be used to carry messages,
if you know how to use it.
Picking up a handful of sand,
whispering into it your wish,
then letting the wind take it to the source,
is one small way of making magic with sand.

Sand has a soothing affect on children and adults,
which is one reason sand boxes are so popular.
You can build things, make tunnels, dig holes, bury objects,
and let your imagination run wild.
Sand-play therapy is a Jungian mode of healing
used in many hospitals.

In the desert, the wind is constantly shifting the sand dunes,
and someone wanting change in their life
can use those dunes to their benefit.
Leave your problems in a sand dune before a storm
- write it in the sand -
and come back to see it banished a few hours or days later.

Like Sand in the Hourglass
Sand can be used in an hourglass on the altar
to time meditations,
or to watch, as it sifts down into the bottom bowl.

Black Sand
Use a magnet or lodestone to gather the iron from sand.
Keep this in a container and use it
 to "feed" lodestone spells and mojos.
Green candles can be dressed and rolled in magnetic sand
to draw in money.
Black sand can also be used to strengthen boundaries,
and sprinkled or cast to break jinxes.

As a Carrier
Mix sand with herbs or salt and use it as a base
to "carry" spells into the wind, water, or a specific space.

Sand Trap Spell
(assuming you have experience in spellcraft)
Use sand, a candle, and a jar to make a "sand trap" spell.
Light the candle, using an appropriate color.
Sprinkle sand in the bottom of the jar.
Put in the object link to the person or thing you are wanting to bind.
Then, saying appropriate words,
sprinkle more sand on top of the item.
Drip melted candle wax until the item is covered.
Fill the rest of the jar with sand,
cap it,
and bury it deep in the desert.

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